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One of my friends Lauren Belzer does this and I love the idea, it’s so positive and fun to share creatives that inspire you. Go check out her blog and spoiler alert she’s #1 on this list too!

I broke these out into categories as well to make it easier to find accounts you might be interested in. I will most likely only do this a few times a year, I’ll try to do the next one sometime this summer. Let’s get into it!

My Favorite Accounts – May 2018

Lifestyle + Fashion 

I’m going to start off this category with a few of my friends from college that are KILLING IT. Lauren, Sorelle, Morgan, and Elly.

Lauren Belzer // blog + ig

Hey @msanford87, let’s go back to the beach, ok?✨

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Lauren is one of the sweetest people EVER and her photos are amazing. She’s a talented photographer and her images are always so cute and creative. When I was getting started with my blog, she was the literal best and showed me the ropes and I am 100% positive that I wouldn’t love my site as much as I do if it wasn’t for her guidance.

Autumn Sorelle Hardin // blog + ig

Wow guys. Sorelle started her blog around a year or so ago and since then she’s been posting incredible content. From fashion to wellness I always love everything she shares. She posts a different mindfulness challenge every month + and of course her outfits are 10/10.

Morgan Frobe // blog + ig


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If you love travel tips and inspiration, Morgan is your gal! She spent months and months exploring Asia and shared her journey on her ig account. It was so fun to follow along with her adventures and now she is sharing her travel advice and experiences on her blog Walking On Air. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Morgan!

Elly Bannon // blog + ig

Elly has such a great eye and amazing taste. We recently connected in a group message because we went to the same college and I am so glad that we did! Especially this photo of her in this adorable gal meets glam dress!! I mean, are you kidding me?! I love it and when I saw this photo I may have ordered this dress right away… haha. Her pictures are so whimsical and fun, and I love her editing style.

And that wraps it up for my peeps!! Moving on to other amazing creatives in this category you should follow…

Taylor Morgan – Little Blonde Book // ig

Just like most gals I know, I am a fan of the icon Amber Fillerup (Barefoot Blonde), and last year Amber mentioned Taylor in her insta stories. I gave her a follow and I am so glad I did! Her insta stories are so real and funny, she is so honest and I seriously was so sad the other day when she deleted some of her highlights off of her page. Her stories are that fun to watch! I also love the southern vibe she has and I always appreciate it when bloggers share the links to all of their outfits so that we aren’t left guessing haha.

Sasha Nicole // ig

I’m so glad that I found Sasha’s account, she has great taste and a lot of her outfits have given me so many ideas of what to wear to work. If you have a polished, classic style then you would love Sasha’s blog! The first thing that I noticed was that her stories are so uplifting and positive. And she’s doing a Whole 30– her daily recipes in her stories have given me so many recipe ideas that I hope I can try soon.

Lotta From Stockholm // ig

This is a brand account that I like to follow. Out of all of the clog brands I have tried, Lottas are 1) the most affordable and 2) extremely comfy for clogs which is why I recommend them to almost everyone I meet. I found them through the bloggers Han Westby + Kristin Johns who I have followed for a while now.

Mary Kate Robertson // ig

Back in the day watching Duck Dynasty, I think I cried watching the wedding special where her and John Luke got married LOL. Since then, I’ve followed her and frequently read her blog The Little Duckwife which is full of cool stories + all of the beautiful photos she’s taken. 10/10 love following Mary Kate.

Health + Wellness 

Lex Daddio – Restoring Radiance // ig

I love following Lex because the recipes she shares are attainable and practical. And if you can’t tell already, I love watching stories and her stories are so satisfying to watch. Most of them are tutorials or step-by-step of what she posts on her feed. She and her husband will also take you through how they make a whole dinner for example usually once a week which can be super helpful.

I also follow these health and wellness ladies… they are pretty popular so I didn’t think I had to go too in depth:

Rachel Mansfield // ig

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Lee From America // ig

Shut the Kale Up // ig

Rachel’s Good Eats // ig (sidenote: try her grain free cookie skillet… OMFG it’s amazing)

Lemon Laine // ig

My love affair with the Nashville natural beauty and wellness shop Lemon Laine has continued back home. The founder Laura Lemon posts all of the new products she’s trying from so many natural brands (like Osea, Living Libations, Indie Lee) that don’t get enough airtime. And if I ever see something that looks good I can place a phone order with them, I always try to support small businesses once in a while and to be honest their selection is sometimes even better than Amazon since they carry a lot of indie brands.


That concludes all of the accounts that I’ll share this time. One of the things I love about social media is that we can use it as a tool to get inspired and learn from others. I try to keep my feed filled with positive role models that add something to my day. That being said it’s always great to unplug if I am ever feeling like insta is bringing my energy down.

Thank you SO much for reading and I hope I helped you discover at least one new account! XO,




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