a few of my favorite natural products

Here’s a list of some of my all time favorite natural products right now. From makeup, to skincare, and even supplements. This will be interesting to look back on 6 months or a year from now to see which items I am still using! I tried to include links to the different brand sites respectively but if you are ordering a few of these you can go to Detox Market for example because they carry a lot of these brands. Amazon also carries most as well.


Kjaer Weis cream foundation in shade Lightness. I just started using this and I am hooked. So happy that the ladies at Lemon Laine suggested I try this!

Kjaer Weis cream blush in Sun Touched.

W3ll People lip gloss.

Lanolips lip balm in nude.

Glossier boy brow in brown. Ok, so not really a super clean brand but I still love this stuff. This is my 4th tube, sadly they only last an average of 3 months.

W3ll People mascara. Drier formula that builds really well. This is such a staple in the natural beauty space and it’s won a bunch of awards too (for ex Allure last year) against non natural brands!

Derma E mineral sunscreen as a primer.


Osea atmosphere protection cream.

Cocokind cleansing oil. 

Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment + UFO dry oil, it’s helped clear my face up so much! Both are pricey but my skin was so bad I was desperate. I only use Good Genes 2-3x a week… hoping to make it last as long as I can.

Tea tree oil.


David’s fluoride free toothpaste.



Finding the right natural deodorant can be a really discouraging and difficult process. Research the benefits + figure out a few that you are willing to try and order them is my advice. It might take a while for you to find the right formula.

I started out using Schmidt’s Deoderant, but after a year it wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I would still recommend Schmidt’s, the Lime scent in particular. The Rose one was a darker color and stained some of my shirts.

I recently switched to Native and I love the scent eucalyptus and mint, it’s actually their most popular men’s scent.

Around the same time Nik started to get sick of Schmidt’s too. Right now he’s using the Every Man Jack brand and really likes it. It was on sale for $4.50 at Whole Foods when I picked it up for him.

At night or every once and a while I will use a more conditioning formula like this Honestly Phresh one (without baking soda) to give my pits a break haha.


Onesta Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner. I love this brand and I buy it in stores at Peninsula Beauty. Here’s a resource from this company that goes over why you would want to avoid using harmful chemicals in your hair products.

Onesta can be tricky to find online… for example they are redoing their packaging and don’t have an online shop on their site up right now. I think next I want to try Briogeo which they actually sell at Sephora!

Body / Shower

Dr Bonner’s shaving gel. Actually feels like more of an oil.

Dry brushing. Is. Life. Mine is this cheap one off of Amazon but I have my eye on this nicer one from Cap Beauty.

I love putting eucalyptus in my shower. This bunch was only $5 at my local farmers market:

Essential Oils

Doterra oils and blends that I use:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Wild Orange
  • OnGuard
  • Balance

Saje products that I use:

  • Women’s balancing mist
  • Relax mist
  • Moon cycle roll on
  • Gutsy roll on (helps with stomach aches)
  • Peppermint halo (cooling + refreshing, helps with headaches)


Just discovered the brand Saje a few months ago and I am hooked. I still love my doterra oils but I can’t wait to try a few more things from Saje. For diffusing, lemon to give my room a nice scent while I am cleaning is always a go to. At night I will typically do balance with either a little bit of wild orange or lavender.


Sun Potion ashwaganda. I usually add this to tea or smoothies. Sun Potion can be a pricey brand but one small jar will last you months + the company is a small business out of Santa Barbara that is worth supporting.

Hum Daily Detox.

Vital Proteins collagen peptides. Adds more protein to my smoothies and has no taste– you can add to tea or even add it to baked goods.

Vital Proteins spirulina capsules. I hate adding green powders to smoothies (in my opinion it doesn’t ever taste great) so this is the easiest way for me to take this supplement.

Renew life flora probiotics– you can find these in the chilled vitamin section at Whole Foods. These are also great for making coconut yogurt with… post on that coming soon.

hand cream
amazon dry brush
cocokind cleansing oil
osea cream
davids toothpaste
kjaer weis foundation
detox body oil
skin gym jade roller
glossier boy brow
coconut herbivore soak
hand cream
amazon dry brush
cocokind cleansing oil
osea cream
davids toothpaste
kjaer weis foundation
detox body oil
skin gym jade roller
glossier boy brow
coconut herbivore soak

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